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Workshops & Lectures (Topics and fees co-created)

Workshops - 90-minute, 2 hours, 3 hours

All topics can be tailored to your needs and groups. Possible Yoga Workshop Topics: Supta Series; Yoga Feet: Foot Anatomy and Asanas; Centering Yourself in Asana: Anatomical Planes and Yoga Asana; Establishing a Home Practice; Standing poses; Twists; Sun Salutations; Inversions


Here are content ideas from previous workshops:

De-Stressing from the Holidays with Yoga

Re-new Your Energy with Yoga Breathing Practice

Enlivening Asanas with Sanskrit Sounds

Breathing Immersion (3 part workshop)

Developing a Home Yoga Practice - Asana, Pranayama, Meditation (3-part workshop)

Iyengar Restorative Sequence

Embracing, Enhancing and Elevating Your Internal Curves

Discovering Power in Aligning Structure & Energy in Yoga Asanas

Chakras, Mudras and Asanas


For Seniors with Challenges

High 5 Series - This class will accommodate those with physical movement challenges. The focus is range of motion for the upper body.


Caring Touch - Massage is appropriate for all ages and most physical or mental challenges. This in-home treatment session can be done on a table or in the comfort of your bed. Benefits of personalized touch may include less pain and stress, reduced agitation and increased good feelings. Comfort, calmness and kindness support your sense of well-being.



Need a speaker for your meeting or conference? Together we can custom-design a program for your group. Here is a brief list of possible topics: Breathing; Stress Management; Stretching; Touch for Aches and Pains in Neck and Shoulders; Postural Alignment for Health; Aging Gracefully; Living Mindfully; Claim Your Calm

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