• Kandy Taylor Love, PhD

    Physical and Personal Transformation

    Through Loving Touch and Movement

    Consciousness & Wellness Facilitator

    Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher

    Certified International Association of Yoga Therapists

    Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500) and

    Registered RYT Trainer (YTCEP)

     Florida Licensed Massage Therapist (MA9704)

    Founder Health & Harmony Center

    Founder LoveWorks, LLC

    Co-Founder CarpalTunnelCoaching.com

  • The Short Bio

         For more than 35 years, I have committed my life to teaching people of all ages and abilities how to improve the quality of their lives through healthy lifestyle choices. I founded Health & Harmony Center, the first healing sanctuary in Lee County in 1990. After 3 decades, it is still a well-respected yoga and massage business.


         In 2011, LoveWorks was born - a way to include all the healing tools in my “kit” of touch and movement with the ultimate foundation, love. This “kit” includes yoga in the Iyengar style, massage therapy including Swedish and Craniosacral Therapy, whole-body healing based on Healing from the Core® and Integrated Awareness®, meditation, affirmations, journaling, nutrition, workshops, lectures, and writing.


           LoveWorks means working with the relationship between me and the client/student, to connect all of you by listening, holding container, being present, withholding judgment...simply being and loving.


               My commitment to my own daily personal practices deepen my abilities and talents to guide students and clients in rediscovering the playful, powerful and peaceful aspects of themselves.


    Primary Yoga Teachers: BKS Iyengar, Bobbi Goldin, Ramanand Patel, John Schumacher, Angela Farmer, Victor Van Kooten, Felicity Green


    Primary Touch Teachers: Dale Alexander - Healing from the Core® and Inside Out Paradigm® ; Lansing Gresham - Integrated Awareness®


    Degrees, Licenses and Certificates

    PhD in Natural Health 2011

    MS in Education 1977

    BA in English 1970

    Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher 1997

    E-RYT 500 hours

    Licensed Massage Therapist #MA9704 since 1997

    CEU Provider for Massage Therapists

    Certified Yoga and Scoliosis; Certified Children’s Yoga®; Certified Laksmi Volkmer Chair Yoga®; Certified Integrated Awareness® Teacher


    Transcendental Meditation Practitioner since 1992

    Internationally known teacher and massage therapist

    Noted author, speaker, and recording artist



  • History of Health & Harmony Center 1990-2013

    By Kandy Taylor Love, Founder

          A long journey to the opening of the Center in October 1990 in Ft. Myers, Florida, was begun November 27, 1948, in Little Falls, New York with the birth of Kandy Taylor Love. College and masters degrees, four employment experiences, along with a move from New York to Florida all added to mix of stress, imbalance and achievement. Yoga had been added to the mix in 1978, and a flavor of a focus, a connection to spirituality, and a life purpose fulfillment was born.

          It wasn’t until April 1988 during the annual Sanibel Yoga Retreat with Bobbi Goldin and Sam Dworkis that I was opened to the next level of consciousness. The last morning at sunrise on the Beach looking out on the horizon of the Gulf of Mexico, I stood and shouted: “I want to feel like this all the time!” Thus was born the seeds of the Center for I quit my newspaper editor job in Miami and began a study of Iyengar yoga and massage therapy which continues to today.

          When I realized I was slowing my life down and gaining more stability, I knew it would not happen in Miami, so I moved back to Lee County. A three-week yoga retreat to Greece with Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kooten and a week Iyengar Yoga Convention in San Diego with B.K.S. Iyengar in the first half of 1990 led me to the next step of finding a home for my new work. Up until then I had been teaching in five locations around Lee County and doing house calls. A local meditation teacher suggested I look at the Iona Schoolhouse which was empty and owned by a bank. It was perfect and I feel in love! A large room which could be used for yoga and a smaller room which had been sound proofed by a former tenant would be for massage.

          By October I had signed a lease, had many friends help to renovate the space, purchased yoga props, outfitted the massage room  -  and I was off and running on my own, with little business experience and a huge commitment to sharing the feeling I had experienced on Sanibel.

          Within a short time, other massage therapists started sharing the massage room, and a need to have more space grew. In 1995 the two back massage rooms were added to the Center. In 2000  a third massage room and second restroom and kitchen were added. Then in 2005 we fulfilled the dream I had had upon first seeing the building, we took over the whole building. A new yoga room, expanded retail space, and a fifth massage treatment room were born.

           My dream of a healing center and peaceful sanctuary continues to manifest. Our yoga program has grown to include five highly trained, dedicated and loving yoginis; our massage program includes eight skilled and caring licensed massage therapists, and our office and retail area have two organized and personable office managers. The Center has taken on its true meaning of a “Center” with the addition of the many holistic programs which include a long list of fine teachers of Reiki, meditation, belly dancing, taijiquan, yoga workshops, and so many others.

          There are so many personal and wonderful stories of the incredible people who have been part of the Center since 1990, staff, teachers, therapists, students, clients, patrons, and friends. Gratitude and Love from these people and to these people are the threads which have been the fabric of the Center all these years.

          And now? It feels like it is just another beginning for more laughter, expansion, and healing.

    Namaste - Kandy

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