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Dear Ones -

You are invited to join me for zoom Yoga with Chairs and Mat Yoga classes, Monday-Friday.


First though, Gratitude: Thank you to all of you who have joined me while working out the kinks! Thank you to all of you who thought about it and intend to! Thank you to all the generous Sponsors, which keeps me afloat, and Donors to the Harry Chapin Food Bank, which keeps people fed.


PLEASE email me if you want to be on this yoga class email list. This is how I am working the zoom project: 1. You sign up to be on the email list (a one time thing, until you cancel). 2. I email you an hour before the class begings. 3. Then you follow the directions to link in.

Namasté - Kandy


Class Content: Breathing, Grounding, Immune System Enhancing,

Focusing, and Quieting

Yoga with Love…and a Mat

Friday, 9:00-10:15am
Monday, 6:30 - 7:45pm

Yoga with Love…and Chairs

Monday & Thursday, 9:00 - 9:45am
Monday & Wednesday, 5:30 - 6:15pm

Props: Computer/Phone/IPad; Quiet place in your home, inside or outside, with good lighting; Open Mind and Empty Belly. Chair classes: Two chairs (no rolling ones), Two blankets and a pillow. Yoga Belt/Strap, Yard Stick/Cane/Broom handle. Mat classes: Mat; Two blocks; Two-Three blankets; Chair; Yoga belt (or some kind of strap), Wall nearby.


Fee: Free or by Sponsorship or by Donation


 The Free part is possible through a Sponsorship program. Most important to me is that you gift yourself yoga as much as possible…always.


 The Sponsorship part is where I receive. Anyone can be a Love Yoga Sponsor, as many times as you like, for any amount that you like. Enter the amount you want to gift below.  The Donation part means that you can donate to the Harry Chapin Food Bank. Donation can be made directly to the Food Bank. Please let me know you have done so.

Yoga does not just change the way we see things,

it transforms the person who sees. — BKS Iyengar

Steps for Computer Zoom Classes:


1. For the best experience possible, you will want a device that has a video camera and microphone.


2. About an hour before class, you will receive an email with the zoom link to get into that class. Once you link in, I will admit you to the group.


3. This opening time will let you set up your computer: 1. click off Mute button icon (usually a mic image in lower left corner of screen) This allows you to chat with me and one another until class begins. 2. click Camera icon on (usually a camera image in lower left corner of screen). 3. angle your screen to see and be seen (in general your whole body needs to be seen).


4. For the class, 1. click on Speaker View (usually words in upper right corner of screen) and I will appear largest on the screen. 2. If you need to leave the room or take care of a chore, please feel free to do so. 3. If you want to listen to the class or take the class without video, these are all options. 4. Please have your phone off or on silence.


 - Another Option -

Private or Semi-Private Zoom Sessions


Probably the best use of your time and funds and me! One-on-one provides a direct and immediate experience for you, answering your questions, guiding your asana and breath and creating magic together! Email me or call me at 239-851-8815 to schedule a personalized class, with lots of flexibility in time/day.


Fee: Normally one hour is $108. Now, you choose the amount that works for you… that keeps you smiling …more than or less than the hourly amount. Even less time (30 minutes minimum). Enter the amount you are paying below. Please call me at 239-815-8815 or email me at to schedule your private session.



Online Q&A with Kandy


Weekly Wednesday online talks with Kandy - you bring the questions, we all share ideas/answers/insights. Topics may arise from the weekly classes, but are not limited to this source.

Every Wednesday, 6:30-7:15pm

"With enough empathy and curiosity, any circumstance can become a journey in which we discover great things—even staying at home, dutifully flattening the curves of a world that became more jagged and splintered than we had ever imagined possible."

 — George Stone, National Geographic’s TRAVEL Executive Editor

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