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Customize your own courses for yoga, massage, meditation, breathing, and energy exploration. A joy of mine is to share knowledge to enhance your skills. Co-created programs and fees.


Yoga Mentoring - To enhance your yoga journey - refinement of personal practice of yoga asana and/or pranayama; refinement of your skills of seeing, touching, adjusting; expansion of practical application of yoga philosophy.


Massage Mentoring - To enhance your massage skills - refinement of your massage techniques; exploration of additional massage techniques and higher dimensional healing.


Yoga/Massage Mentoring - These two aspects of movement and touch can be combined for those who offer both practices professionally.


Life Alignment Mentoring

A Personal Growth Retreat: Come Home to Yourself!

A one-on-one transformational experience. This personalized retreat happens in the comfort and privacy of your own home (or a location we agree upon) for a 24-hour time, 4-day minimum commitment of time together. Sometimes we are caught between knowing what we want and actualizing it. We have the knowledge yet continue habitual behaviors that do not serve our goals and desires. Together we explore all aspects of your desires and needs, co-creating new practices and attitudes, and refining ones you already haveā€¦even re-configuring your home for better support/nurturing. I guide you through the BEST Approach to realign your life, supporting the changes you want to make: Breathing Consciously, Eating Healthier, Strengthening Practices Inside and Out, and Touching Lovingly. This is wide-open field of possibilities taps all of my knowledge and training. You can expect challenge, growth, and healing. All this happens in a loving container that serves your highest and best interests. Watch the short webinar and, if this peaks your interest, complete the application process. Fee: $ 2000 per day.

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