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LoveWorks (Whole-Body Healing) Sessions

LoveWorks sessions are a matched-to-you blending of healing tools for freeing up inhibiting learned patterns, using loving words, movement and touch. Clothes-on sessions involve light and deep physical touch and range of motion movements, employing higher states of consciousness. Each one- to two-hour session can include table and floor work, and is unique, as is the frequency of treatments. People report that they feel more comfortable, beautiful, and magical in their own skin. Through LoveWorks, the past heals, the future holds greater possibilities, the present is joyous. First session 2-hours $252; then 1-hour $153.

More information about a LoveWorks Whole-Body Healing SessionA LoveWorks session is whole-body healing. It encourages and supports change in a loving, trusting, interpersonal setting. Freeing up inhibiting learned patterns allows in wholeness, authenticity and joy. The foundation of this work is intentional, occupied touch and movement. This invites connection with your physical, mental, emotional, environmental and spiritual bodies. Each one- to two-hour session is unique, as is the frequency of treatments. A session starts with jointly setting personal therapeutic goals. Once you’re on the table, clothing on, Kandy will cull from her broad range of skills and experience to facilitate those goals. LoveWorks Whole-Body Healing sessions are great for people who are ready for more in their lives; who are looking to rekindle curiosity; whosemomentum is impeded due to injury, trauma, exhaustion or other challenges. As children, we learn to put things together: movements, words, thoughts. As we grow, life infiltrates those connections. Anger hardens movement. Sadness becomes inability to move. Loneliness lessens the breath. Physical, mental and emotional bodies become intertwined with life experiences and interpretations. Habits and patterns then direct our lives. These patterns can be recognized structurally and energetically. You can learn to discern beneficial habits from those that are limiting. You can chose to change them, transform them, and have the life you want. Through Kandy, LoveWorks Whole-Body Healing sessions embrace higher states of consciousness, honoring the innate intelligence and sacredness of being human. Kandy is gifted with a unique skill set, which she masterfully employs in each session. Although there is continuity, no two sessions are exactly the same because you do not remain the same day to day, moment to moment. Some of the techniques Kandy employs can be: light touch, deep tissue manipulation, Craniosacral therapy, energy work, visceral mobilization, movement, talk, breathing techniques, visualization, yoga, chakra balancing. This work embraces higher states of consciousness, honoring the innate intelligence and sacredness of being human. Clients report enhanced range of motion, sleep, strength, stamina and vitality. They feel less pain and distress. Many people experience more smiles. They have feelings of freedom, lightness and belonging. People report improved personal relationships. Clients acknowledge deeper connections with themselves, others and the universe. Through LoveWorks, the past heals; the future holds greater possibilities; the present is joyous. LoveWorks sessions provide direction for your healing.


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