Kandy Taylor Love

PhD, CIYT (Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher), IAYT (Certified International Association of Yoga Therapists), E-RYT-500 (Registered Yoga Teacher), FL LMT - MA#9704 (Licensed Massage Therapist)

As a health care and spiritual professional and progressive educator for more than 40 years, Kandy’s areas of expertise include the pragmatic and energetic use of movement and touch through expanded states of consciousness for personal and physical healing.


 “How we live moment-to-moment is a passion that moves me each day. People of all ages and abilities seek me out for guidance to improve the quality of their lives through healthy lifestyle choices. Through a student/client’s combination of personal challenges and desires and my trained and intuitive movement and touch skills, we co-create a transformational healing program. Healing begins with knowing, accepting and embracing what is…which includes all the gifts of our innate powers and magic of being human, and being receptive. Opening awareness to heart-center connections and higher dimensions of consciousness, and cleaning out our clogged bodies, we can move out of trapped, limiting and debilitating beliefs and patterns….and move into a sense of wonder and delight each day.”


Kandy’s training and skills include Hatha Yoga in the Iyengar style, Massage Therapy (including Swedish Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Craniosacral Therapy), Whole-body Healing (based on Inside-Out Paradigm® and Integrated Awareness®), Energy Work, Meditation, Affirmations, Journaling, Nutrition, and LoveWorks (her own customized eclectic skill set, blending all of her movement and touch skills).


“My commitment to a daily personal practices fills my heart, heals my body and quiets my mind…connecting me to my own joyful magic. My life purpose easily manifest because of this regularity and longevity, enabling me to guide people in rediscovering the playful, powerful and peaceful aspects of themselves. My vision is a world where everyone feels comfortable, beautiful and magical in his/her own skin.”


Knowledge, guidance and inspiration start here…then a phone call and/or in-person session can lead you back onto the journey of creating the life you want with more laughter and ease in your daily living.

New Class Offerings with Love

“Playing with Prana"
(In Person) $15

2nd Mondays (starting June 14) 5:30 - 6:30pm

Join Kandy in unmasking and moving back into a new normal with the HEPA filter and social distancing.  Prana means life force, so playing with prana looks like increasing our breath capacity and playfulness with living. This one-hour class will introduce yogic breath practices, simply and easily, which have been known to achieve mental, physical and emotional balance. Preregister: yoginikandy62@gmail.com



Claim your Calm - Breathing without Masking
(In Person) $15

4th Mondays (May 17, June 28) 5:30 - 6:30pm

Deepen your awareness of the power of your natural breath with Kandy by exploring how anatomy and breath work together to Claim your Calm in these continuing trying times. No prior experience necessary. Preregister: yoginikandy62@gmail.com


PRIVATE CLASSES for those recovering from long-term effects of stress

One-on-one sessions to stimulate Recovery by intentional, therapeutic breathing and movement. Whether you are recovering from COVID, have asthma, or have experienced too much stress in your life in the last year, this is the private class for you. Private work can take you more directly to the Recovery you want to feel with guided breathing, conversations and simple movements about all aspects of Recovery. Kandy will guide you to regain the life you want to lead. Both in-person or zoom time can be arranged. Contact Kandy at yoginikandy62@gmail.com



Personal Consultations


Schedule a time to discuss your concerns, needs and desires. This step is extremely beneficial for an overview of where you are, where you want to go, over what period of time. It could lead to personalized sessions with me or referrals to other practitioners, or both. Generally, your healing begins here. $ 108


CALL TODAY! 239.851.8815

For if there is yet more for the Universe to send your way, you will be ready. It is in receiving that we grow to become better givers. ~Kandy


My journeys through management trainee, high school English teacher, and newspaper editor curiously led me to explore and embrace a more conscious and spiritual path, starting as early as 1974. My skills sets began to develop through yoga classes and teacher training programs, massage school, and then many, many more yoga and massage workshops/retreats, healing techniques immersions, even around the world. I learned early that to be of truly good service to others, I had to be present (occupied) and knowledgable (trained and practiced), which would lead me to eloquent insights and wisdom. This combination continues the successful career I have experienced. My pride and joy is the creation of the Health & Harmony Center, opened in 1990, the first yoga and massage healing center in Lee County, in the old Iona schoolhouse building (now known as AHA Center for Healing). Being of service to raise the state of health and happiness in the world continues to sustain my daily living.




“Transcendental Meditation practice added access to another dimension of spiritual consciousness which serves me on a daily basis. Meditation means being in an expansive altered states of dynamic surrender, serenity and stillness. The meditation pauses in my days are sweet connections to the being part of human being. Each feels like surging through the jungle of day-to-day thoughts and resting in the light of higher states of consciousness..an easy and effortless space.”


A long-time friend introduced Kandy to TM in 1991, and it didn’t take long for her to realize that a meditation practice was integral to her spiritual growth. She received her TM mantra and begin a daily practice in 1992, and in 1997 she received the Siddhis level of TM. Although not a TM teacher, she introduces people to the aspects and qualities the meditative state offer in daily living.


Kandy also has recorded three meditation CD’s with In2itive Wisdom and Farmadelica Sound Studio, 2019.

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Board Member of Caloosahatchee Mindfulness, Ft. Myers, FL since 2018.

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“From the beginning yoga spoke to my heart, connecting me to myself in a way I didn’t know possible! And I simply love teaching! Being with people when they ‘get it’ with huge smiles and sighs is a joy and life purpose fulfilling.”


A yoga practitioner since 1974, Kandy began teaching in 1978, and became an Iyengar Yoga Introductory Level I Certified Teacher in 1994. Traveling around the U.S. and the world to study with BKS Iyengar and his senior teachers filled the past 35 years and enhanced her teaching style and skills. The passion, humor and astute observations which mark Kandy’s continued high respect in the yoga community come directly from her dedication to training and practice.


 “Studying in-person with Mr. Iyengar twice changed my view of myself...what I was capable of and reinforced what I wanted to do. I feel honored to have been in his classes and lectures at the San Diego 1989 National Iyengar Convention and in Pune, India, in 1998 for his 80th birthday celebration.”


Kandy has studied with more than 20 truly amazing teachers, primarily Ramanand Patel, Bobbi Goldin, John Schumacher, Angela Farmer, Victor Van Kooten, and Felicity Green.


Member of IYNAUS and IYASE since 1989, and past newsletter editor for the Southeast region; E-RYT-500 since 2000; Certified International Yoga Therapist since 2017.


Other Yoga Certifications: Chair Yoga with Laksmi Volker, and Aqua Yoga with Camilla Hair


Co-author of Practice: Wisdom from Downward Dog, published by Flowers of Life Press, 2019.

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“I was led to massage training because of my interest in knowing the body. Once I entered the touch world, I knew I had a second career aspect! Massage helps people to learn how to receive and to feel the non-doing aspect of yoga. Touch is magic in people’s lives. I am continually amazed and blessed to witness so many changes people experience and make and by the heart-felt comments clients share.”


A Florida licensed massage therapist since 1988, Kandy quickly integrated her yoga knowledge into her touch sessions, partially for the benefit of the client and partially because she could better take care of herself through her postural awareness and continue for more than 30 years.


Her massage training includes Swedish Massage; John Upledger’s Craniosacral Therapy I, II and SER I, and Visceral Manipulation; Paul St. John’s Neuromuscular Therapy I and II; Raindrop Therapy; and too-numerous-to-list required CEU courses.


Kandy’s Energy Healing includes Reiki I and II, and Chakra Balancing.


Kandy’s LoveWorks Whole-Body Healing includes training immersions for many years with Dale Alexander’s Inside-Out Paradigm® and with Lansing Barrett Gresham’s Integrated Awareness®.


 “As the years passed, I continually grew because of the courage and willingness of my students and clients to ask for more…more from me and more from themselves. My work evolved to be more inclusive and expansive, and I just got out of the way so that whatever was to come through and happen could and did. LoveWorks was born out of this trust of Spirit.”


LoveWorks is a unique amalgamation of Kandy’s healing modalities, assisting and supporting people using loving words, movement and touch. Be ready for the change you want to manifest!


Member of FSMTA since 1989 and past president and newsletter editor for the local Southwest chapter.

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