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Therapeutic Massage

With more than 6,000 bodies under my hands and 1,000 hours of trainings, your requests and needs will be met with a unique blend of techniques from relaxation to deep tissue, from Craniosacral to Reiki.

Truly delicious time for body, mind and heart to be soothed, restored and renewed.

Table Session Fees: 60-minute $108; 90-minutes $154


Partner Massage Classes

Group Teaching - for partners and friends

Neck, shoulder, and back massage is pleasant to give and wonderful to receive. Simple and effective techniques will be practiced, including positioning and using your hands to ease stress and tension.


Personal Teaching - in your home or at studio location

Specialized to meet the needs and desires for you and your partner/friend.


Facial Lymphatic Drainage - a self-massage technique

Light touch in a specific pattern can move fluids and tension to soothe and release the stresses our faces encounter every day. This easy technique is good to do before sleep or upon waking.


Chair Massage

This seated massage is typically short -- 10 to 25 minutes. It is performed in an ergonomically designed portable chair, a regular chair, or even a wheelchair. Chair Massage focuses on the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. Clients remain fully dressed, and no oils or lotions are used.

Invite me to your place of business for on the job relief! Time, location and cost co-created.


Energy Work

Kandy’s intuitive and perceptive sills have been nurtured by Reiki I and II training, study of the subtle body through yoga, chakras, and meditation, and whole-body healing techniques of Inside-Out Paradigm® and Integrated Awareness®. Schedule a Chakra Tune-up and/or Energy Re-balancing sessions 60-min sessions for $108

Body Work

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