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April 25, 1989  The Daily Breeze “Cape Resident Undertakes Crusade for Health Via Yoga” by Trish Austen-Stock

May/June 1991  Suite Life Iona Schoolhouse Professional Center

December 11, 1991  News-Press  “Stress-reduction Course Teaches Joy of Relaxation” by Cathy Chestnut

April 8, 1992  News-Press “Center Sheds Stress with Yoga” by Frances D. Williams

April 16, 1992  News-Press “Changing the Face of Exercise” by Sara Williams

January 1993  Pulse Magazine News-Press “Coping with Stress - It affects us more and more, but there are ways to relax”

May/June 1993 Lee Living “Changing Your Image: Inside and Out”

January 12, 1994  Fort Myers Observer “Stretching the Boundaries of Your Life through Yoga” by Wayne Carter

September 17, 1994  News-Press  “Yoga” by Marixie Mercado

September 21, 1995 News-Press Advertising Supplement “Local Owner Studies in China”

July 1996 Senior Celebration - Lee County  Promoting Wellness - “Alternatives; Yoga Practice Defies Age”

August 28, 1996 News-Press “Fitness Ancient Art of Yoga - Fitness program exercises mind, body and soul”

May 12, 1997  News-Press Lifestyles  “Fast Break” by Linda Carron and Miriam Pereira

January 1998  Gulf Coast Woman “Panache” by Rochelle L. Holt

Spring/Summer 1999 Sports/front “Yoga…Union of Mind and Body”

MARCH 8, 2000  Fort Myers Beach Observer “Iona Heatlh Fair Explores Alternatives”

October 2000 Natural Awakenings “Free Massages, Yoga Demos Mark Health & Harmony’s 10th Anniversary”

October 2000 Gulf Coast Woman  Woman to Watch  “Finding Harmony: Kandy Love is Celebrating 10 Years of Peaceful Business” by Vivian McMahon

Winter 2000 Sports/front  “Fitness through Flexibility” by Jackie Kampfert

September 16, 2003  The News-Press Lifestyles “Stress Relief - Study focuses on benefits of meditation” by Francesca Donlan

June 21, 2005 News-Press Healthy Living — “Gentle Fitness - Low-impact workouts gain in popularity” by Francesca Donlan

March 2006  Natural Awakenings “Meditation - a Practice that Changes Lives. Seven local meditation teachers share their approaches” by Lee Walker

October 18-24, 2007 Fort Myers Florida Weekly  “Yoga Studio Celebrates Milestone - Fort Myers’ Health & Harmony Center’s been in business 17 years” by Pete Akiba

June 24, 2008   The News-Press Well-being  “Yoga in the Workplace: Less Stress for Success” by Francesca Donlan

July/August 2011  “Your Way to Yoga - Plenty of opportunities to seek may benefits”

September 29, 2015  The News-Press Living Well “Loving Traditional Yoga” by Craig Handel

Observer  Ancient Indian discipline taught at Iona Schoolhouse by MaryJeanne McAward

Natural Awakenings Physical to Spiritual - Iyengar Yoga

Published Articles Written by Kandy


August 1994  Natural Awakenings “Yoga - Health & Harmony”

March/April 1997 The Conscious Voice “Commonly Asked Questions about Yoga”

March 2000 To Your Health “Yoga Can Help Deal with the ‘Whirling of the Mind”

Sept/Oct 2001 Massage Message Magazine “Back to the Basics in the Bahamas”

January, February, March, April, July, September, 2002  Natural Awakenings “Q & A Series: Finding Your Way”

July/August 2003 Massage Message Magazine “Enhancing Perception Can Mean More Effective Treatments”

April 2005  Yoga Journal “Miami Yoga Tour - Known as the second Riviera, Miami is paradise for practitioners looking to blend their yoga with a lush tropical environment”

May 18, 2006 The News-Press Letter to the Editor

M2008 Senior Guide “Living Act III with Ease”

September 2011 Gulf Coast Times “Experiencing the Benefits of Yoga”

September 2012 Gulf Coast Times “Promoting health through Yoga" - September is National Yoga Awareness Month

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